FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why don’t you participate on the STURM AUF DIE ROTE ZONE? Do you think that’s wrong?

Basically we are in solidarity with (nearly) every action against the G20 summit. Our action and our content-related alignment are not in competition with other activities but an addition. We think an update of usual summit protests is necessary, we hope to contribute to that with this action.

2) Is it completly irrelevant to you that people like Trump or Erdogan are presidents?

For the people in the countries it’s a big difference who is the leader, in some countries it’s literally a matter of life and death. For that we wish for an overthrow of them, rather yesterday than tomorrow. At the G20 summit in Hamburg we won’t have the chance for this. Therefore we want to use it to express our fundamental social criticism. We want to show than even a president like Bernie Sanders would just administrate the capitalism in another way, The politicians are just faces of this society. Not just a policy change is necessary but a social revolution against state, nation, capital and patriarchy.

3) What do you want to achieve?

We want to achieve 2 things: 1. We want to use the summit and the protests against it to express our fundamental criticism of society and capitalism. A concrete criticism cannot be shown abstractly but concretly. At the Hamburg harbour a lot of impositions and rascalities, which we know from our every day life, come together like they do in a burning lense. 2. We want to tout for a stratetic realignment of the radical left. We propose the field of logistics bcause we think this is the „carotid of capitalism“ nowadays. We think that despite our social weakness we can are capable of action. Also because of this we’ll go to the harbour, to show of this.

4) What do you think: When do you succeed with this action?

The number of participants isn’t crucial for the success of our action, but that it’s spoken about them and the content and ideas of the action. Another success would be if an important junction of the harbour would be blocked for the day. Or if new people would be open for a fundamental criticism of society and capitalism. If a result of the action a debate about stratetic realignment of the radical left along the logistics would start, this would be also a achievement.

5) Do you think you’re leading a social struggle at the harbour? Are you in contact with the harbour workers?

We don’t lead a social struggle at the Hamburg’s harbour. On the one hand side this isn’t our goal, on the other hand side we cannot face this struggle as a deputy of the workers. It’s the same thing with our action like a demonstration which walks along the streets and adresses the general public, not the tenant associations. Our target group is the political left, the hundred thousand from the police expected demonstrators who will take the streets against the G20 summit. But for sure we contacted the harbour workers due an „open letter“ in which we explained our intentions and apologized for the inconvenience.

6) Isn’t the harbour far away from everything else? How can I come back afterwards?

The harbour isn’t an area which is seperated from the city, in the middle of nowhere, there is a fluent transition to housing areas. We registered two manifastations on the 7th of July, starting 7 a.m. in Wilhelmsburg at the „Stübenplatz“ and the harbour museum near the S-Bahn station „Veddel“. You can reach both manifastations with public transportation and -worst case- as a pedestrian. The area of our action is not a part of the security zones, between those and us is the river Elbe located – nevertheless we are pretty close. Our action has a common start and end. This means we will leave the harbour jointly.

7) Whats the expression of your action? Do I have to expect with especially extreme police violence?

We want to create a big mass action on the 7th of July where we literally interrupt the logistics of capital due using our bodies. Our target is not the police, but the streets, the railways and other transport routes in and out of the harbour. Although our action will not take place in one of the security zones, we don’t know how the police will behave. Paramedics and assembly observers will take part in our action. Everyone should think about what her*his plans for the action are. At the action it would be desirable if everyone hasn’t just an eye on the comrades from the affinity group but on everyone else.

8) Isn’t you action just another event without any results afterwards?

Our aspiration for our action is a starting point for a debate about a realignment of the strategy of the redical left. We will invite all our comrades from Germany and abroad to an international conference contemporary after the protests against the summit.

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