Press release: G20-protests: Disobedient mass actions also in the port of Hamburg

Press release: G20-protests: Disobedient mass actions also in the port of Hamburg

The G20-protests as a mobilization of different left-wing movements across borders are taking on more concrete forms. This was shown at the second G20 Action Conference which has taken place on April 8th and 9th in Hamburg and where approximately 800 people from all regions of Germany and different European countries participated. Besides mass demonstrations and actions in the center of Hamburg, the port of Hamburg will be also a target of different actions on July 7th, where two different alliances are mobilizing. They are united in the refusal of the existing economic system and its ecological and social devastations.

Social Strike Action

The Social Strike Action tries to find new ways of protest against poverty, exploitation and foreclosure policy. Timon Simons, the speaker of the Social Strike Action, declares:

“Erdogan, Trump, Merkel and so on are only different faces of an economic system which a majority of the people experience as an organized inhumanity in their daily lives. This could not be tackled by appealing to the powerful. The current logistics is one of the weak points of global capitalism, the nerve center of the capital. Those who sorted out as a surplus proletariat by capitalist “progress” long ago are able to strike there as well. We want to interrupt logistic transport chains – symbolical and due to disobedient mass actions. Thereby we are going there where capitalism really hurts because a society in which goods can flow freely but humans are drowning by thousands deserves it to be blocked.”

Action against climate destruction

With the slogan “Unplug G20” the NoG20 Climate Action wants to foil with many people the “daily acceleration of climate change” in the port of Hamburg and block this global hub for the trade of coal, uranium and weapons. Jan Fischer, one speaker of the NoG20 Climate Action states:

“The G20 are claiming to seek solutions for problems like climate change or poverty. But actually their aim is the perpetuation of global capitalism, so to say the fundamental reason exactly for these problems. Thus, their “solutions” are not working, but rather they are aggravating these problems. For instance, the destruction of natural livelihood is being tacitly accepted for the purpose of a successively economic growth. So we are now taking it into our own hands and intervene there where the problems are being produced, for example in the logistics of global trade or in the utilization of fossil energy sources.”

The NoG20 Climate Action stands for climate justice and international solidarity, for example with Columbian activists, which are struggling against the excavation of coal which is transshipped in the harbor of Hamburg.

We will not be criminalized

The activists are firmly opposed to the criminalization of politics and the police.

“The fact that disobedient mass actions are now publicly placed in the vicinity of serious crimes is intolerable. But we are surely not going to be intimated by this, rather we will reveal determinedly and massively at a central logistical hub that practical resistance against global capitalism is still possible” concludes Timon Simons.

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