Rumors of terrorist training camps were spreading, in order to build support for the pending invasion. It turns out, the rumors were true.

Once again, with the help of Stephen Hayes, documents and photos now prove publicly that secret training camps based in Samarra, Ramadi, and Salman Pak were operated by elite Iraqi military units. An estimated 8,000 recruits came from terrorist organizations in northern Africa. As is the other memos and recordings, the evidence has been validated - This time by 11 separate government officials. The information all comes from 50,000 documents that have been examined - only 2.5 percent of the total cache. This is only the tip of an enormous iceberg of truth.

For those who are on the fence about whether the U.S. should have invaded Iraq, the most compelling reason to believe the government was wrong about the threat of Saddam comes in two phrases - "weapons of mass destruction" and "yellowcake uranium." Now, both can be validated for acceptance.

Iraqi General Georges Sada, in press releases and his book, Saddam's Secrets, explains that Saddam had "transferred chemical agents from Iraq to Syria" via 56 flights of two civilian aircrafts prior to the U.S. led invasion. The seats were removed and replaced with "yellow barrels with skull and crossbones on each barrel," said the pilots carrying the lethal cargo.

Documents also unveiled in the 2004 batch of memos show that five kilograms of mustard gas were purchased on August 21st, 2000 with three vials of anthrax on September 6th, 2000. Along with the mustard gas and anthrax purchases, gas masks, filters, rubber gloves, and equipment for sterilization and decontamination.

The 16 words uttered by President Bush in the 2003 State of the Union have unleashed a string of news stories, leaks (legal or not), and political games. However, minus the Joe Wilson/Plamegate headlines, it now appears, courtesy Christopher Hitchens, that Iraq actually did attempt to purchase uranium ore from Niger in 1999, the nation it had previously done business with in 1981 for the same product.

Wissam al Zahawie, an Iraqi ambassador to the Holly See, traveled to the African nation in February 1999 from the Vatican as discovered by France who let the United Kingdom know. Al Zahawie was Iraq's senior public envoy for nuclear matters during the 1980's. In 2001, a minister of Niger visited Baghdad in an attempt to "request assistance in obtaining petroleum products to alleviate Niger's economic problems." Hitchens points out that Iraq, getting rich in the oil-for-food scandal, and Niger, a country "poor in cash," obviously weren't meeting to discuss petroleum exports. It has also been validated that Joe Wilson's account was wildly inaccurate and some speculate even made up.

The case for war based on weapons of mass destruction builds with the statements from Sens. Clinton and Kerry, former President Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Sandy Berger, and other previous administration officials that claim Iraq had not only sought possession of weapons of mass destruction, but actually possessed them. Also not mentioned, but worth much consideration, is the 12 year period Iraq thumbed its nose at the UN's demands for inspections.

So, now the question remains those who have dismissed the original cause for war: "Knowing what you know now, would you still support the war from the beginning?" Based on the newly released memos, recordings, and transcripts, there is actually more of a reason to rally behind the invasion.

Say, for instance, the U.S. had decided at the 11th hour not to go through with it. President Bush had a change of heart and decided to stay focused to the mission in Afghanistan. With Saddam's terrorist camps still in operation, his repeated attempts at building weapons of mass destruction, and his continued support for terrorist organizations, a sentiment of hatred for the West and America would continue to brew. The funding of organizations hell-bent on killing innocent Americans and allies would not cease. If anything, production of WMD's and support for Abu Sayyaf would increase due to the American presence in Afghanistan. Iraq would be a nation still unchecked following more than a decade of UN whining and many in the regime, and possibly Saddam himself, would begin plotting more ways to disrupt operations in the Global War on Terror and destroy the civil way of life that so many in the West and America enjoy.

It is not the time to give in to defeatist rationale which makes the argument that Iraq was the wrong place at the wrong time. It was the right place, then and is the right place, now. It was the right time, then and is the right time, now. In due time, enough documents will be declassified to prove even the most stringent anti-war heathen that the cause was noble and worth every life lost and maimed. Until then, the evidence shown should overwhelmingly convince those on the fence that Operation Iraqi Freedom is a cause worth believing in - until the end.