Grand Jury to be Convened in McKinney Assault Case

Fox News reported tonight on the Fox Report with Shepard Smith that a grand jury will be convened to sort out the matter of whether or not the nutty Ms. McKinney assaulted a Capitol Police officer earlier this week.

Leave it to McKinney to be the instigator of the worst example of grandstanding and race-baiting in the history of Capitol Hill. Here's to hoping this investigation ends in McKinney being charged with assault. Her guilt is glaringly evident in the fact that in every interview she grants, she evades every single question put to her about the substance of the charges.

It's quite obvious what's going on here and it ain't "inappropriate touching" and "racial profiling" -- it's a nutty leftist congresswoman attempting to dodge an assault charge. Send her to jail.

I just read that McKinney apologized today. I personally hoping that she wouldn't but she made the apology. It was her decision.

I assure you, if Rep. McKinney was Rep. DeLay, Rep. Pelosi or Speaker Hassert, they would have not been stopped.

The issue here is whether or not all 535 members of Congress follow the same procedure...if a member can walk right on in without a lapel pin and Rep. McKinney can't-then that's a problem.

Is it ok to hit an officer? Depends! If I was around to see Rodney King's beating or the beating the gentleman from New Orleans received after Hurricane Katrina then I would say yes.HELL YES. In this case, I don't know. I wasn't there. It's funny how the security guards in my downtown office building know the faces of the thousands of employees who work here while trained police officers cannot recognize 1 of 14 African-American Congresswomen.

If this alleged assult was so bad, why wasn't she handcuffed on the spot. This has more to do with a police department being embarrased and the GOP making political noise out of this.

I just hope she holds her ground and fights all the way through. I know she has the best interest of African-Americans in her heart. I can't say that about the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus right now.

There are some folks who are still sore about her comments on 9/11. Ask Wilson what happens to you for disagreeing with Bush in public.

I believe Cheney incident was overblown I can also believe the McKinney incident is overblown.

I'm so dissapointed with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Not one word. It's not July so us blacks don't matter to the Dems just yet. But the CBC...I'm shocked. Not one damn word. Rep. McKinney was left hanging as the only member of the CBC to attend the Hurricane Katrina hearings and once again she was left hanging by her own caucus.

By the implication that you don't know whether or not she was being beaten (as your examples suggest) is ridiculous and intellectually dishonest.

I don't know if you've ever been to the House office buildings, but a lot more people go in and out than just 535 Reps. And saying that just because the cops may recognize Pelosi and didn't recognize McKinney, there was racism involved, is race-baiting.

I also believe the Cheney/shotgun thing was overblown, and perhaps this is too - however, there is still the difference that what Cheney did was a complete accident, and what McKinney did was not.

McKinney was the one who blew this out of proportion. SHE went on every show that would have her, and SHE made it about race. Just how can you "assure" me that a white member of Congress would not be stopped? Have you an account of this happening? Actually, just the opposite has occurred. McKinney wasn't supposed to be at the Katrina hearings, the dems had already decided who was to be there, she wasn't included. Perhaps the CBC isn't speaking on her behalf because they know she was a moron for trying to make this a big, fat racist incident. It isn't the first time, you know. Best interests of African-Americans at heart? The only interests McKinney has at heart are HER OWN.